Hi Beautilicious:

Many of you had told me in the past you would like to wear makeup but don’t know how to. I will show you step by step on how to apply makeup. This is a simple look for beginners. When you are more comfortable  in applying the makeup you can start to experience with bold colors. Lets get started.


washing the face niveaputting toner on the face toner

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser followed by Toner.  A Toner can help remove excess oils and dead skin cells that may lurk on the face after washing.


Neutrogena moisturizermoisturize

2.Moisturizer. This will hydrate your face. Always use a  moisturizer based on your skin type.

covergirlelfReal Techdabbing foundation

3.Foundation. Dab a light foundation to your skin. Apply just a few spots with your fingers to your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, then blend with a foundation brush. If you want more coverage you can use a beauty blender.

concealerpointed brush

4.Concealer. use a pointed brush to do a bit where undereye circles are darkest and blend. Use 1 shade lighter than your natural tone.

Revlon powder applying face powder

5.Set the concealer with powder. Try using a powder that is close to your skin tone. Use either a powder fluff applicator or brush.  The setting powder can seriously help delay the process and save you from touching up so frequently.

milani.elf eyeshadow brushapplying eyeshadow

6. Eyeshadow.  Apply an eyeshadow of your choice to the eye lid. Try using neutral shades. Apply it with a round eyeshadow brush with short swipes on the lid.


eyeliner eyeliner2

7. Eyeliner. Apply eyeliner on the rim of your upper lash line. You can use a pencil or felt tip eyeliner.


mascara loreal

8. Mascara. Apply to upper  and lower lashes.one coat should be enough.


NYX  angled brush applying blush

9. Blush.  Apply blush one stroke is enough until you get used to putting it on. I recommend a light color to start with.


nyx glos  nyx lipsticks

10. Lipstick or lip gloss. Apply the lipstick or lip gloss with light strokes to the lips. When you are more comfortable you can apply it more heavier.

There you go the 10 step beginners crash course.

Remember, you are beautiful no matter what.


Images: Google