Hi Beautilicious:

Esthetics School was the best thing I have ever accomplished. I learned a lot.  While my beautiful instructor was giving us a lecture of do’s and donts with makeup, I was in class just thinking WOW I didn’t know we shouldn’t do it. I want to give out a few tips on what not to do.


  1. Storing makeup in the bathroom

The bathrooom is the place where we put on makeup so of course the makeup should be there. Well I am sorry to say NO it should not. You are not alone, I did it also. This is why we shouldn’t store makeup in the bathrooom. Taking showers will not only dry out and ruin your products, it can make it more prone to collecting bacteria.  As of today let us prevent ruining products and spreading bacteria on the face.

2. Applying too much face powder

I know we want to set our makeup or we want to achieve a matte look,  but if we apply too much it can be very unflattering. The powder will give you a cakey look and it  can settle into the fine lines we are trying so hard to cover. I suggest applying very little powder to achieve a more flattering look.

3. Over lining eyes

Eyeliner is to define the eyes and there are different ways of applying it. However, over lining eyes too thick is unnatural and will make your eyes appear smaller.

4. Skipping Mascara

I am guilty. I always used to skip mascara, but by skipping mascara will give the appearance of an unfinished makeup look. Mascara define the eyes without using eyeliner, it also opens up the eyes to give the appearance of larger eyes.There are so many mascaras out there. There are mascaras formulated to curl, mascaras the makes your lashes longer and thicker. You can pick and choose how you would like your lashes to look.

5. Not cleaning your makup brushes and sponges/beauty blenders

By not cleaning your brushes or sponges/beauty blenders  you not only make your face brake out, your brushes are collecting all the bacteria, oil, pollution and debris that is collected on you face throughout the day. BTW fungus can grow in your sponges/beauty blenders and you do not want to use that on your face.


Remember, you are beautiful no matter what