Hello Beautilicious:

Being over 50 is kind of scary because you start noticing you can’t wear certain makeup products like you use too and your skin is not so plump and smooth. Fear no more see below what we should be doing to take care of ourselves.

1. Moisturize- Nothing plumps up the skin better than hydration. By moisturizing it helps your concealer, foundation, and makeup glide on better.

2. Eye Cream-We all know that eye cream is a necessity to prevent fine lines and puffiness. The under-eye area is one of  the most sensitive areas of our skin. A lot of people skip eye creams because wrinkles and fine lines aren’t a concern for them.

3.Exfoliate daily. Flaky, dry skin is not a good base for foundation or any makeup products. With time and persistence, you can get rid of it. Exfoliating every day with either a facial scrub or a washcloth dipped in coconut oil will help tremendously.

4.Never go to bed without taking off your makeup. Use Either cleansing oils or creamy cleansers that will leave your face nice and clean, ready to wake up refreshed for a new day. If you decide not to take off your makeup on the daily bases dirt and makeup trapped against your skin cause environmentally-induced oxidative damage.This leads to a breakdown of the skin barrier and prematurely ages your face.


Choosing the right makeup for yourself

  1. Foundation– As we age, our pores tend to get bigger, and our skin drier, so using a lighter, moisturizing foundation is ideal. If you do have dry skin, skip sticks, matte, oil-free, and powder foundations; any of these can sink into fine lines and look heavy on the skin. Instead, opt for mousses (also known as “whipped”), oil-based, or mineral formulas. Ideally, you want a sheer, but buildable, foundation. Keep in mind the more you pay for a foundation or any other makeup the formula is better.
  2. Primer- It creates a base by smoothing skin and ensuring that makeup stays put. Mix with foundation or tinted moisturizer or apply a light layer as the first step in your makeup routine. Try using a thin layer of a silicone-based makeup primer it fills in lines and pores
  3. NO POWDER or Very Little Powder-  Why?  As we get older skin can get very dry. Powder absorbs oil and moisture, which can be drying for women with dry skin it also tends to magnify lines in the skin, aging us.
  4. Eyeshadow- Use Matte textured eyeshadows . Matte shadows come in an array of colors and the key to success in makeup application is to blend, blend, blend. Use professional makeup brushes to apply shadow and blend in small circular or windshield wiping motions on the lid until the shades look seamless. When working with matte textured shadows it’s also imperative to use an eyeshadow primer. It will help the shadow stay in place without smudging or fading through the day. Apply a small amount of primer all over the eyelid and let it dry before continuing with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Avoid Shimmery eyeshadows above the lid because it can also draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles in more mature eyes by settling in those creases. Much better to use a matte shade for anything above the lid.

Remember, you are beautiful no matter what.

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